List of small business wholesale suppliers in China

- 01-Hangzhou Zenjoy International Trade Co., Ltd. - Main Products: Box , Planner , Sticker , Notepad
02-Shanghai Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. - Main Products: Gift (Cooler Bag , Shopping Trolley , Non Woven Bag , Cotton Bag , Lanyard
03-Beijing Daqin New Universe Electronic Co., Ltd. - Main Products: Mobile Phone Skin Design Software , Mobile Phone Screen Protector Cutter , Custom Mobile Sticker Design System , Screen Protective Film Cutter , DIY Sticker System
04-Guangzhou Modicci Fashion Co., Limited - Main Products: Handbag , Lady Bag , Backpack , Crossbody , Wallet
05-Shenzhen Blue Ocean Seiko Technology Co., Ltd.
06-Shanghai N&S Trade Co., Ltd.
07-Quanzhou Wutongcrafts Co., Ltd.
08-Feilong Home Electrical Group Co., Ltd.
09-Jiujiang Nini Arts and Crafts. Co., Ltd.
10-Qingdao Preface Plast Co., Ltd.

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